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The ability to provide applications across many different mobile devices and allowing accessibility from many different remote locations is becoming more and more a key requirement for any business application.
It is clear that more and more of our clients want to have access to their data and services from both the office but also when out and about. With the ever-improving landscape of mobile device technology the ability to use applications from mobile phones when walking along the street, your palm held tablet when waiting for a train or from your laptop when having a break in a coffee shop, is becoming more and more of a reality.

The screen size of the numerous devices people can vary significantly, viewing information on a mobile screen clearly needs to adapt differently to viewing on a larger screen like a laptop or desktop. 

Our developers ensure that your application can dynamically adjust and work perfectly on whichever device it is being viewed upon.

Whilst mobile connectivity and Wi-Fi access can be relied upon in many locations, there are still areas across the country, or even in parts of business premises, where this just cannot be guaranteed. As a result, we develop native applications that will still provide all the functionality you need without the need to be connected. Or we can also develop hybrid solutions where a select number of features are available whilst out of reach, then once connected, real-time data become available.  

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