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We can deliver a full range of the most popular internet services which commonly include website design, development, search engine optimisation, hosting and e-mail marketing. Clients can use as many of our services we provide as they wish, and this will depend upon the specific requirements and whether we are the sole provider for the entire project or working in partnership with others, both of which we are very comfortable with.
Our strength is being able to truly understand business objectives and to be able to elect the most appropriate solutions to meet if not exceed them, whether it be by utilising existing in-house technology frameworks and plug-ins or a complete bespoke developed solution.
We offer proven solutions for the common areas of business functionality typically required in an online solution such as content management, social media features and payment handling. Our solutions have already been used successfully in many of our projects and can quickly provide feature-rich web sites that offer market-leading functionality.


Design Design We can design, or work with your designer, either way - all projects we are involved in will look great and work great!

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Development Let us take your creative design and develop it into a reality, providing a powerful visual presence.

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CMS Content manage your own site and put the control of the website into the hands of the most appropriate people.

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Commerce Solutions Commerce Give your customers confidence to purchase online with our experience of building intuitive and secure commerce sites.

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Mobile Solutions Mobile We make your site easy to use on mobiles and tablets as well. So your customers can browse whilst on the go.

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Portals Portals The ideal solution providing customers access to your products/services, or collaborate online with your …

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Dashboards The perfect place to bring together all your operational data and a real-time view of how your products are performing.

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Intranets / Extranets A solution for sharing data securely via restricted access either internally with staff, or externally with clients.

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Back Office Integration Integration Integrating bespoke with off-the-shelf can sometimes be the answer. We build effective solutions to plug the gaps.

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SEO / PPC SEO / PPC Generate traffic, and optimise your page ranking in search engines by investing in our SEO services.

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Email Marketing Digital Marketing We can help you define a strategy to promote your products and services through social media and email campaigns.

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Hosting Hosting The scalability and extensibility of our hosting platform means we can provide a full spectrum of hosting services.

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Emails We have a diverse range of safe and secure email services for any business scenario.

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Domains Need a domain name? We are authorised resellers of both UK and international domains names.

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Support / Maintenance Support / Maintenance We build strong relationships with our clients, providing support and maintenance with your project into the future.

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Tailored Solutions Tailored Solutions We provide tailored solutions, meeting your needs of today, but scalable for whatever the future holds.

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Our design service will always vary between every project, whether it’s starting from the basis of a brand and logo, completely from scratch or working with another design, brand or marketing agency who have formulated a website concept for you.
Design is very much a subjective thing and what is pleasing to one person may be very different to the taste and views of another. Our aim is to ensure we help promote your business products and/or services in the best possible manner visually, understanding look and feel as well as user experience and journeys, all the way through to the online interaction and how much we can do to transact business online and through the back office systems.

The most effective online presence is not just about how to publicise what you do and how you do it, but also if you can actually perform some of your business processes at the same time then why wouldn’t you? If somebody could visit your website, find what they want, place the order and once payment has been taken why not allow this request to push all the way through to any back office system you may have, minimising human interaction as part of the journey and striving for that potential of a “zero touch” online business transaction

We have experience of carrying out the design in-house with our own team, but have also collaborated with agencies who the client has previously worked with to create their brand and marketing strategies. We turn designs into very powerful solutions, and whilst the focus is often on how something looks and feels, we open opportunities for improving the functionality behind the scenes.  With our expertise, we can help improve your business operation once that visitor to your website has been engaged and ready to progress further with your products or services.

Let us help take your creative design and develop it into a reality, providing a solution that has a powerful visual presence and in addition, works as effectively as you need it to behind the scenes.
An online presence can be developed from a given design into a varying number of actual technical solutions, from a brochure website which is there to engage and provide a portfolio of what you can offer, creating content which you can manage and evolve yourself using easy to use editing tools, through to data driven solutions gathering information you are storing elsewhere and presenting them over the internet.

Can your website truely transform the way you sell your products and services is one key success factor, but can it actually improve the way in which your business operates. Is it possible to push more business processes back onto your website, allowing users to transact and access more services online rather than relying upon user interaction and back office administration, or carrying out more automation of business processes the moment the user completes an online transaction.

Another key element is how to keep a website fresh and current, ideally with minimal administration effort where possible. Therefore, where information and data can come from other sources or back end systems we will aim to replicate it without human interaction, reducing your own maintenance overheads of keeping everything up to date in many different places, a single source can surely only be a good thing.

Content Management Systems put the control of the website into the hands of the most appropriate people to keep it up to date, fresh and accurate.
Once a website has been created then it is vital that it remains up-to-date, fresh and of course accurate. This is where the ownership of the content is best to reside with you and for you to be given intuitive and easy to use tools to keep textual content and pictures up-to-date, updating and adding new content where necessary, or removing content that is no longer required.

We have a number of CMS platforms we use to create our website solutions. The selection process will be governed by what you want to do with your website today and in the future. Whilst a site might start as a brochure website, advertising your business products and services, we have the expertise to help you with back office integration or actually transacting business with more online services being offered to existing and potential new customers in the future.

Our CMS platform provides so many commonly requested features, including:
  • Page Content Editing
  • Product Catalogues and Portfolios
  • Shopping Baskets and Payments
  • Customer Logins
  • Order Tracking and Fulfilment

Our CMS platform is extensible, something we feel is vital to ensure any website can evolve over the future. We are confident that our developers are able to add anything you need, not relying upon off the shelf “plug ins” but using our skills and experience to build exactly what you need.
Once a visitor to your website has found what they want then ensure it is easy for them to transact there and then, select what they want, select any possibly options and then pay there and then to get the ordering processing under way.
It is very common to provide online payment integrated solutions where you have a need to sell products or services, or maybe where you just want to ease the collecting of payments from existing customers. The payment can also now vary from a debit or credit card through to an approved direct debit gateway provider, varying between single or adhoc payments against re-occurring payment requirements.

With so many different online payment providers we do have a large list of those we already integrate with for other clients, but we do find ourselves from time to time creating new solutions with new providers. So, no matter who you want to use to fulfil your payment processing we are sure we can develop the solution for you.

The decision of which provider will always vary, with PayPal clearly a market leader with their ability to pay using an account or via credit or debit card, but you may prefer to use your own bank or another provider. There are numerous factors to consider, including provider awareness to ensure confidence with whom you want to accept a payment from, along with the transaction and usage fees that they may provide.

The ongoing growth of mobile technology means the demand to browse online using tablets and mobile phones is ever increasing.  Let us make sure your website is working across the wide number of devices and screen resolutions being used.
There is a growing trend of more and more people using mobile devices to explore and buy products and services online, something we have experience of understanding what this means when still aiming to create a single website that can adapt to how the visitor is accessing it.

You can also now create application wrappers for mobile devices to access online content and services through what is perceived to be an “app”, quick access from the dashboard of their mobile device. But, if there is a need to also provide something to mobile devices without reliance upon connectivity then get in touch with us to discuss our native mobile app development approach.

When developing for mobile devices then it isn’t just about making the content fit the screen of the varying devices, but more trying to keep consistent with how they actually use their devices. So we look to ensure the website supports concepts like “gestures” so that whether the user is using an app or browsing your website there is an element of familiarity with the user interface and usage.

A portal is a good solution when you want to provide a way for customers to have access to your products and services, or maybe a way to collaborate online with your business partners.
The need to improve how we work and communicate with our customers is ever increasing, customer service and satisfaction being a core reason for customer retention and increasing future opportunities through one of the most powerful marketing mediums, word of mouth.

A customer portal could allow your customers to manage and track their own orders in realtime, for themselves, any time of the day, relying less upon email and telephone calls to your admin team when the information they require can be accessed easily through a secure online customer portal.

Where you have business partners or involvement with third parties, then a portal could be the answer to sharing information in a more structured manner.  It might be documentation and plans for a construction project or simply a place where documents, spreadsheets and photos can all be shared and accessed in a central location.

A dashboard is the perfect place to bring together all the operational data and information you have within your businesss, providing a real-time view of how your products and services are performing.
The concept of a dashboard is to provide a single place where all data and information pertaining to particular roles or functions within a business can be consolidated and presenting in an effective and informative manner.

The presentation of a dashboard needs to be very visual and provide a quick and effective way of seeing how specific services and products are performing within a business. As a business owner you will want to understand all aspects of your business operation, but with often so much information available the advantage of a dashboard is to be drawn to any issues or concerns that you need to be aware of, visually appealing and informative but quick and easy to access.

What you might need for a dashboard today will for sure be different to what you need for tomorrow, so the idea is to provide a solution which can evolve as your business evolves or as you begin to identify aspects of your business you want to monitor in more detail.

Providing a secure internally focussed intranet or an externally accessible secure extranet is a great solution for how you share access to systems and information both internally and externally but also how you can include external parties as well.
An intranet is an ideal solution for providing a central and secure way of accesssing internal systems and information across your entire business or organisation. Allowing your I.T. systems to be consolidated onto a single platform, giving the perception of being brought together in one place even if in reality they are deployed across a more complex technical infrastructure.

If you want to improve the way in which you engage and interact with external parties, then maybe an extranet could act as a secure internet hosted platform for sharing systems and information internally and externally.

The technology options available enable your systems and information that would normally be provided in a fragmented manner across your business or organisation to now be consolidated onto a platform that allow for secure and selective access both internally and externally.

Sometimes the most effective solution is a combination of off the shelf and bespoke applications, allow us to help plug the gap with anything you might already have and integrate it in a way that makes it feel like a single application covering more of what you need it to.
We have experience of integrating our solutions alongside existing systems that you might already have in place. So, you can easily extend or compliment any existing I.T. capability you might already have with additional facilities or features that might be missing.

The objective is to ensure that you can achieve a true E2E (End To End) solution that meets all aspects of your requirements and not just some of them. There are many off the shelf packages available to meet a great deal of business requirements, an example being industry recognised accounting software, so what we look to do is not to replace or compete with them but to extend them to ensure you are getting everything that you need from a completely integrated I.T. solution.

Why not consolidate operational information from various sources to provide a dashboard of your business activities. If you need to access information held on your back office systems remotely, including over the internet or via your mobile device, then consider a secure portal. Or, aggregate information you hold in one or many systems to provide management reports to allow to track or measure ongoing performance. However, there are many more integration solutions that we can help you to implement.

Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click are becoming more and more critical services in order to generate volumes of traffic, and in turn sales opportunities, for your website.
Having a great looking and feature or content rich website is one thing towards success with generating and transacting business online, but the most common way that people use the internet to find products and services is via search engines. The likes of Google and Bing provide a quick and easy way for people to search for websites that relate to a given product or service, matching what they ask for against what they believe is a list of suitable websites.

One element to successfully being found as a website for your products and services is making sure that your content is reflecting them in the most effective manner, using keywords and phrases that people are likely to be using when they search for you via an online search engine. This is where the content we help develop with you needs to be put together in a manner in which it is appropriate for somebody browsing and reading your website pages, as well as what the search engines are looking for in terms of how to rank and give priority to your website against others. 

An ongoing and ever-changing world of SEO keeps our teams on their toes, even so we continue to help our clients' websites reflect the most effective way to be found and identified for the products and services that they sell.

An alternative to focusing on your website content is to explore Pay Per Click, Google being a leader in this market.  This and many other services out there will provide their users with a way of finding your website through adverts and focused links are a more costly route, however PPC is often found to be the most effective element of an SEO strategy, especially where your products and services are in a competitive market.

The approach to digital marketing is about defining a strategy for how you plan to promote your products and services through the likes of social media and email campaigns.
Whilst there are powerful tools available for implementing digital marketing, whether it be mass emailing campaigns of visually powerful emails, or promoting yourself through social media channels, the true success is how you then measure and react to the outcomes, ensuring you are actually working against a strategy and not just mass emailing on a regular, and annoying, basis.

One of the primary elements associated with digital marketing often relate to running mailing campaigns, a way of targetting people through emails, either using a purchased opted-in email list or a list from your own customer database maybe. These emails are graphically rich and provide a visually appealing way of communicating with existing and potentially new customers. Using our compaign mailing tool you can create the email content and create mailing campaigns to distribute them and monitor how people are reacting as they read and follow any links within them.

As well as email campaigns then the power of social media for some business sectors is proving extremely beneficial. Promoting your services and products through the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn all provide a platform for further marketing in the digital arena, each having a specific type of audience and manner in which you would look to explore and use for your own campaign purposes.

Due to the scalability and extensibility of our hosting platform we can provide a full spectrum of hosting services of web sites developed in the many different technologies available, including the popular HTML, .NET, ASP and PHP.
Our primary objective with the solutions we develop is to provide our clients with a single point of contact with all services we provide. This is why we feel strongly about having our own dedicated hosting platform that means we can maintain the full level of control in order to guarantee the quality and levels of our services.

Each of the solutions we develop will either be hosted on shared or dedicated infrastructure, based upon anticipated and actual resources needed to host your services, so if you have large volumes of activity on your website then dedicated might be appropriate, but to sensibly manage costs we look to put in place a hosting platform appropriate for you for now, tomorrow and into the future.

To be able to fully support our solutions, we manage our own hosting environment within a leading UK Data Centre. Our servers are securely maintained within a fully managed environment to ensure our web services remain fast, reliable and continually effective. Our hosting environment is monitored 24x7x365 to ensure the highest possible availability of your web site and e-mail services, and all of our servers are connected with a guaranteed network availability which can sustain a 100% uptime.

Our email service offerings vary from complex Managed Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 through to more cost effective but feature rich Webmail and IMAP/POP3 style of traditional services.
Whether you are looking for a business wide email service or a handful of email accounts then we have the diversity of services that will suit any email requirement. We are a reseller of the Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 services, providing all the features you can imagine for emailing and collaborative working, including provision of Microsoft Office licensing for the likes of Word, Excel and Outlook.

We also offer more budget friendly options, without having to compromise on feature rich emailing services, ensuring you can access your own mailbox when in the office or at home or on the move using any connected mobile device. Providing standard IMAP and POP3 interfaces for you to use any email software of your choosing, or you can use any internet browser to connect and use our webmail service, as you might do for Google's Gmail or Microsoft's Hotmail/

Our email services are all managed in the cloud using industry approved security measures, ensuring your email accounts are handled in a safe and secure manner. Our email environment is also monitored 24x7x365 to ensure the highest possible availability with all of our services connected with a guaranteed network availability which can sustain 100% uptime.

We are an authorised reseller of UK and international domains names, so whether you want a .COM, .CO.UK, .LTD or .TV domain then we can deal with this for you.
We are registered as an authorised reseller with the primary domain registration authorities and can provide you with domain registration, renewal and administration services, including the most popular .UK, .COM, .ORG and .NET domains. 

Our domain services include registering a domain you may wish to acquire, renewing it and configuring it for any hosting or email services that you may require.

We can provide domain forwarding services as well, so whether you want a domain name to redirect to another website or emails to redirect to an existing email address, we can configure what you need.

We want our relationships with our clients to be long standing, so when we build any application we are building a foundation of technology as well as a relationship, being there to provide the support and maintenance needed to ensure that the application continues to evolve as the business does.
It is crucial that any investment in technology meets the needs of today, but also provides the foundation for the future. So when working with our clients to develop their appropriate needs of today, we ensure we are building something for the future and when the time comes, we can help continue to evolve and develop things as the clients' needs change.

We do not see our relationship with clients as short term, as we know that businesses, the economy and technology are forever changing and evolving.  When we venture into every project we look to be able to provide the support needed to evolve and adapt that project in the future, as the business evolves and adapts to the technology or economy challenges it is faced with.

We want to see both the solution we develop together and the relationship we form to work through the short, medium and long term, ensuring you know we are here to experience the journey together and provide the support you need along the way.

We provide tailored solutions to meet your needs of today which can be adapted for your needs of tomorrow as your business changes.
Brochure web site - promoting your business and the services you offer just as you would a paper based brochure.
Interactive web site - enable online selling and ordering of your products and services, including customer interaction in terms of surveys, forums and bulletin boards.
Content Management System - to allow site owners to maintain their own web site content such as news or latest offers.

Intranet site - for an internal company based solution to cascade news to employees and to be a central source of information to staff.
Extranet solution - to provide a secure protected web site, accessible to only those with the appropriate authorisation.
Bespoke development - to meet the demands of any business using the wide range of technologies available to develop virtually any solution.

Integration of web services with back office systems - enabling online sales to interface directly with sales order processing systems automating and removing the need for mundane administration tasks.
No matter the requirement, there will be an achievable solution, either through an off the shelf solution, completely bespoke or a combination of both.

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