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We ensure that privacy and security is adhered to with all the work that we carry out. From sensitive information we may gain through working with you on a specific project, through to any information that you may provide, and that we may be responsible for storing within one of our management service environments.

When we embark on any project we will often sign up to an agreed terms of engagement and confidentiality statement, ensuring that anything you tell us we treat with the confidentiality and sensitivity that it requires. This will often include exposure to new business ventures and ideas, changes to your own business direction, in fact anything which you would like to keep quiet until the project is finally delivered.

When developing solutions we will often be given access to business data, often provided electronically, and our priority is to ensure that we treat this data securely and protected from unauthorised sources. Once a project is delivered we tend to provide ongoing maintenance and support, and our approach to data sensitivity remains throughout our working relationship.

All of our hosting and email services are managed and provided through a high security data centre, where physical access to any of our servers is managed through strict policies and guidelines. Our infrastructure is also designed with security and privacy as a priority, so we insist on firewall protection to protect our servers from hackers and attackers, including regular monitoring and applying of necessary security patches suggested to our software and operating systems.

If you would like to know more about our views on privacy and security then please feel free to contact us.

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