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Our consultancy services are aimed at providing businesses with an indication of how Empresa would be able to assist with their business initiative.

We will arrange for an initial visit from an experienced consultant to discuss your plans and to understand how Empresa can help. Our consultant will then work with you and your business throughout the project to provide demonstrations and receive your feedback during the development phases, and after final implementation, will be there to consult if you have any problems or want any follow up activities to take place.

It is important to note, that even though we offer such a wide spectrum of I.T. services, we do not restrict our consultancy recommendations from identifying and employing services from other providers where we feel appropriate or where we identify an opportunity from something that could be "off-the-shelf".

If you would like to discuss your current or future needs with Empresa, then either contact us to discuss in more detail, in confidence, or we can arrange for a consultant to pay you a visit.

If your requirement is for internet solutions, then we will be happy to show you through our existing online portfolio and discuss an appropriate solution according to your specific business requirements.

For those requirements relating to software then we can arrange for you to come in and see some of the work we have done before by demonstrating in our test lab, or if required I am sure any of our existing clients would be more than happy for us to take you on a site visit.

Our consultancy activities will always start with a discovery phase, truely understanding what you and your business do and how it has operated in the past,  the present and more importantly any vision you might have for the future.
Let us start by truely understanding what you and your business are doing, we call this the discovery phase of our involvement in any consultancy, in fact anything we do begins by engaging with some discovery activity. We want to know how your business has evolved, how it operates today and any plans or visions you have the future. This will give us a good insight into understanding on how to progress with further activities we are engaged to get involved in.

Our objective is always to help you find you the most effective solution to meet your precise business requirements and try and ensure it can also provide the foundation for anything in the future.
A key deliverable from our consultancy work is to try and help you find the most effective solution to meet the requirements that have for today and may have for the future. Our aim is to work with you to also identify and tease out all opportunities that a new technology might be able to help with, so whilst we work through your primary requirements we do like to try and probe to see if we can help with anything else.

We can help to identify the technology needs of today whilst having an understanding of the requirements of the future, providing a foundation for your strategic vision.
It isn't an easy thing to design and deliver a solution for the requirements of today and ensure they will support the requirements for the future, especially where these needs are still to evolve or be understood, or for some, you just don't know what the future holds. That's where our expertise of understanding your strategic vision in the use of technology helps.  Where you see things potentially going and what you believe this might mean in terms of what we do for the present, we can help to deliver a scalable and extensible solution in the work we undertake, providing a flexible foundation for the years ahead.

It is often possible to find opportunities to extend existing systems, if they are still fit for purpose, for part of what you do, allowing for the elements it doesn't cover to be created and seamlessly integrated alongside it.
It is very common for us to explore the needs of a business and find that some elements of I.T. that they have in place is working, but maybe there are gaps in what they need or it is all just very disjointed when trying to see them in a fragmented manner. We have lots of experience of integrating what we term "legacy" solutions alongside something brand new that doesn't currently exist, allowing for the gaps to be plugged in a manner which makes the whole thing feel like a single solution, but behind the scenes provided through a number of integration point.

Our experienced team are able to understand the complete solution you need in place, which will include the definition of the infrastructure you need in place and assessing whether what you have is suitable or needing an upgrade or replacement.
The options for how our solutions are provided from an infrastructure perspective really relate to what we agree with you is best for your situation. If your solution is to support purely inhouse activities with no need for external access to any part of the system, plus you have servers, computers and networking already in place, then we can look to get more benefit by reusing what you've already invested in. However, if you want accessibility for many different locations, possibly mobile devices as well as home and office based computers and laptops, then we can explore cloud based hosting services, providing a central location in our secure data centre on our hosting platform. It isn't a one solution fits all, we appreciate that many situations and factors play a part in the decision on infrastructure, we'll work to identify the options and help you with recommendations of what we feel might be most suitable.

We work with a number of partners and providers to complement the solutions we provide, so whether you want to use our own design team or an agency you already work with, or whether you have your own I.T. specialists to provide the infrastructure, we can be involved as much or as little as you want us to.
We are used to working with partners and providers of various services when looking to deliver the overall solution for our clients. Whether we provide all aspects of the solution, from design through development to deployment and managing the infrastructure, or just elements of it. We can also provide just our consultancy service if that is all you need from us.  So whether you want us to help with the definition and shaping of the solution and somebody else to deliver then that is fine, whether we are just helping with an independent view of something then again we can work with that as the brief as well. Use our full spectrum of  services or just some of them, it's really how best you think we can be involved to help you achieve the best outcome for your situation.

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