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Having the correct software to run your business effectively and in a manner to suit you and your business is something we feel is extremely important. Why try and fit your business process around the way in which the computer software works - why not develop the software to precisely suit how you want to operate your business?

One of the services we offer is the provision of a tailor-made / bespoke solution, whether that's using off the shelf software or something created completely bespoke or even a combination of the two.  We undertake to fully understand your business and how technology can assist, not using I.T. for the sake of it but design, construct and implement a solution to meet your precise business needs and achieve a positive and effective outcome.  From formulated and agreed detailed requirements we will design and agree a solution, which will be developed and deployed in a manner so as to help rather than hinder your business.

Our solutions are designed and developed to be deployed through a number of methods, whether it be on an office network, a local desktop or laptop, hosted as a cloud based application, deployed using internet and intranet capabilities, or remotely accessible both connected and disconnected via mobile devices.

Our location at Pottergate, brings us closer to the heart of Norwich, and the beautiful Norwich Lanes.  Our meeting room on the top floor offers wonderful views of the City, the ideal place to chat through your ideas over coffee.  If you have a project in mind and would like us to help, then feel free to

Creating a bespoke / tailor-made / custom made application means we can work together to create something to meet your precise needs of today and a foundation for what your business might need in the future.
We pride ourselves in being able to use our wealth of experience to develop bespoke solutions to meet any business requirement, ensuring we can find the most effective I.T. solution that truly meets the demands that your business has today and into the future.

Our initial consultancy allows us to understand your business, help identify with you the areas where I.T. can play a stronger part and then seek to design and implement a customised or bespoke product to meet your exact needs.

We can also extend what you may already have, filling the gaps where other systems might not be achieving what is truely needed through integration of a bespoke solution with your off-the-shelf software.

Applications hosted in the cloud provide the most effective accessibility options using a wide range of fixed and portable devices using Broadband, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G and other emerging connectivity options.
The cloud is an internet based solution where we can host your application and data in a secure centrally accessible location. Ideal where you know you have connectivity, either broadband from within the office on your desktop or laptop, Wi-Fi when at home on your tablet or maybe even using 3G and 4G when out and about with your mobile phone.

Leave it with us to manage and maintain your application on one of our own secure and scalable hosting platforms, so you won’t need any additional hardware or connectivity services in your office, allowing your existing server to remain performing its current functions or maybe even consider allowing legacy servers to be decommissioned.

Accessibility is becoming more and more important for all types of businesses. Many benefits can be realised by providing information and access to your operational services no matter where you are and also empowering yourself and your staff when working remotely or just out and about.

There are many reasons to run your application on-premise using hardware and infrastructure that you already have and wish to continue to realise the financial investment you’ve made in it.
Realising your own investment in hardware on your own business premises means we can also host applications on your own internal infrastructure if required. Also, if we need to develop your application to interface with physical machinery or other I.T. hardware then locating everything on your premises will clearly make integration much more reliable and easier to maintain and support with it all being in one place.

Whilst cloud based applications can improve accessibility from many different devices and in many different locations, we can also work to allow your on-premise application to be configured on your own infrastructure that still allows you and your staff to access it internally and externally.

Our team of experienced developers have access to many different technologies to ensure we can create applications to suit your own technical environment. Whether it’s still using internet browser based solutions to allow for remote and local access, or whether it is something developed for your precise desktop and server hardware, especially where there might be a need to interface with other third-party machinery.

The ability to provide applications across many different mobile devices and allowing accessibility from many different remote locations is becoming more and more a key requirement for any business application.
It is clear that more and more of our clients want to have access to their data and services from both the office but also when out and about. With the ever-improving landscape of mobile device technology the ability to use applications from mobile phones when walking along the street, your palm held tablet when waiting for a train or from your laptop when having a break in a coffee shop, is becoming more and more of a reality.

The screen size of the numerous devices people can vary significantly, viewing information on a mobile screen clearly needs to adapt differently to viewing on a larger screen like a laptop or desktop. 

Our developers ensure that your application can dynamically adjust and work perfectly on whichever device it is being viewed upon.

Whilst mobile connectivity and Wi-Fi access can be relied upon in many locations, there are still areas across the country, or even in parts of business premises, where this just cannot be guaranteed. As a result, we develop native applications that will still provide all the functionality you need without the need to be connected. Or we can also develop hybrid solutions where a select number of features are available whilst out of reach, then once connected, real-time data become available.  

Sometimes the most effective solution is a combination of an off-the-shelf product and a bespoke application.  We can simply plug the gaps in your off-the-shelf product with a bespoke application and integrate it in a way that makes it feel like a single application and with it covering more of what you need it to.
We have experience of integrating our solutions alongside existing systems that you might already have in place. So, you can easily extend or complement any existing I.T. capability you might already have with additional facilities or features that might be missing.  The objective is to ensure that you can achieve a true E2E (End To End) solution that meets all aspects of your requirements and not just some of them. 

There are many off the shelf packages available to meet a great deal of business requirements, an example being industry recognised accounting software, so what we look to do is not to replace or compete with them but to extend them so you get exactly what you need from a completely integrated I.T. solution.

Why not consolidate operational information from various sources to provide a dashboard of your business activities. If you need to access information held on your back office systems remotely, including over the internet or via your mobile device, then consider a secure portal. Or, aggregate information you hold in one or many systems to provide management reports to allow to track or measure ongoing performance. However, there are many more integration solutions that we can help you to implement.

We want our relationships with our clients to be long standing, so when we build any application we are also building a foundation of technology as well as a relationship that means we are there to provide the support and maintenance needed to ensure that the application continues to evolve as the business does.
It is crucial that any investment in technology meets the needs of today, but also provide the foundations for the future. When we develop solutions for you we always have the future in mind and  design and develop in such a way, to enable us to tailor it as your business needs change.

We do not see our relationship with our clients as short term, as we are all fully aware that businesses and the economy never stand still.  So when the time comes for change, then you know we will be there to work with you with your next steps.

We want to see the solution we develop together and the relationship we form to work through the short, medium and long term, ensuring you know we are here to experience the journey together and support you with your solution along the way.

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