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Applications hosted in the cloud provide the most effective accessibility options using a wide range of fixed and portable devices using Broadband, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G and other emerging connectivity options.
The cloud is an internet based solution where we can host your application and data in a secure centrally accessible location. Ideal where you know you have connectivity, either broadband from within the office on your desktop or laptop, Wi-Fi when at home on your tablet or maybe even using 3G and 4G when out and about with your mobile phone.

Leave it with us to manage and maintain your application on one of our own secure and scalable hosting platforms, so you won’t need any additional hardware or connectivity services in your office, allowing your existing server to remain performing its current functions or maybe even consider allowing legacy servers to be decommissioned.

Accessibility is becoming more and more important for all types of businesses. Many benefits can be realised by providing information and access to your operational services no matter where you are and also empowering yourself and your staff when working remotely or just out and about.

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