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National Techies Day 2019

Posted October 2019

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What is National Techies Day?

National Techies Day was initiated by and CNET Networks to encourage young people to investigate careers in the computer industry. In America, it was expected that 60% of new jobs would require advanced technology skills that the population didn’t have, hence the appeal for more techies. National Techies Day is also a day used tyo recogmise and celebrate people already working in the tech sector around the world. IN our case, our 'techies', otherwise known as developers, build website, systems, mobile apps and more, as well as fix problems, maintain servers, set up emails and help our clients to set up and use our email services and advise on computer related issues as and when they occur. 

How to celebrate Techies Day?

Celebrating Techies Day involves recognising ad praising those who keep the online world going. We should not only celebrate those who are recognised by Google (such as Steve Jobs and Charles Babbage), we should be praising each and every techie that makes our online lives simpler. 

If you know a techie, send them an email or text today to thank them for all that they do and let them know that you appreciate them! Believe us when we say, technology does not always play ball, so being shown appreciation can really make someone's day! 

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