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20 reasons why having a website is VITAL in 2020

Posted January 2020

  1. Having a website attracts new customers
  2. Potential customers expect to find you online
  3. Your competitors will have websites already so without one, you will be one step behind them
  4. You’ll gain new customers from people who didn’t know they needed you when they find your site on Google
  5. A good website with good reviews improves your reputation
  6. It saves you time as you won’t need to be available to answer the phone as you can get all contact via your site and some people will find the information they need on the website and not need to contact you directly at all
  7. Reach a wider audience
  8. It improves customer service
  9. It can be low maintenance
  10. We will make the process simple and easy
  11. Gather contact information from potential clients
  12. It never sleeps, so people can find out about you 24/7
  13. Directs potential clients to your social media or vice versa
  14. You can showcase products and services and make them searchable so the results are customer specific 
  15. Customers shop more online than they do in physical shops 
  16. Customers can locate you quickly and easily
  17. You can control what your customers think about you
  18. A website is more cost effective than traditionl advertising
  19. It makes you more accessible
  20. Enables current customers to share reviews and testimonials which encourage new customers to use your services

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