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e-Student Tracker Updates v 2.4.0

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Thank you for your continual customer feedback, as a result we have further enhanced the e-ST product for schools and colleges.  Version 2.4.0 has been deployed today into the live environments, which amongst other amendments includes a revamped course proxy screen, to help speed up the process of adding new members of staff as a proxy.  A revised markbook progress chart, allowing where two or more lines of progress overlap to be more easily identified, and changes to the vocational progress summary which now displays a more effective overview of student progress on the class course and student profile screens. 

Want to know more about how e-ST can empower your staff and students with easy access to a wide range of information about progress, both academic and pastoral, whilst allowing colleges and schools to meet the agenda set out by Ofsted’s ‘Common Inspection Framework’? 

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