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e-Mail Services

Our hosted e-mail service gives you the power to securely manage e-mail via your desktop or laptop using many of the e-mail software packages available. We also provide e-mail capability via any web browser on the device of your choice. No licenses to keep track of or software to download.





Works with your favorite desktop software like Outlook®, Thunderbird®, Entourage®, or any POP/IMAP client.

Desktop Experience



Login from any internet connection to send and receive mail or manage your calendar and tasks.

Web Access



Sync e-mail directly to your BlackBerry®, iPhone®, Windows Mobile®, or other mobile device.

On Your Mobile



Spam and virus protection

To help keep your systems safe from email-borne threats, messages received from external mailboxes undergo 3 spam and virus scans.


Mailbox storage

We provide 10GB of storage capacity for all of our mailboxes and we automatically back this up daily.


360 mailbox access

Access all mail, contacts, calendar information, task lists, and notes across your desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.


Document storage

SharePoint combines a centralized document repository for securely organising and sharing files with colleagues in one central location. Smoothly integrates with apps you are likely to be using already, including Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


From your office

Our e-mail service can also integrate with your office server, such as via Microsoft Exchange, whereby we can configure all e-mails to be sent directly to and from your own server.


e-Mail Security

img_logo_eset.gifUnfortunately we cannot guarantee that spam and viruses will not get through to your desktops and servers, especially when emails are not the only source of internet threats. As a partner with one of the world leaders in internet threat security protection ESET we would also recommend speaking to us about additional methods for securing your email and internet usage.



Our servers will attempt to sweep all e-mails for signs of viruses and filter anything identified as being potential spam, however because this sweeping is not guaranteed to detect all issues we would highly recommend that you install appropriate anti-virus, spam and spyware filtering on your own server, desktop or laptop to ensure you are fully protected. If you require any advice or are seeking some appropriate software then contact us as we can source this for you through one of supplier partnerships, or simply offer suitable advice.

Our e-mail service is fully managed and backed up on a regular basis to ensure high availability and resilience at all times. Our monitoring service runs 24x7x365 ensuring all facilities are actively running and will immediately report any potential issues to our technicians for proactive priority attention.

For further information or if you would like us to give you a demo of any of our e-mail services then please contact us on 01603 623030 or click here to contact us.


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