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​Improving productivity

Posted July 2015

A recent article on the BBC website highlighted a business process question, typical of businesses around the world. Pizza Express, the restaurant chain...
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​Does your business really need its own website?

Posted June 2015

Research into the online habits of millions of consumers carried out by Weebly in 2014 suggests that 56% of us don't trust a business that doesn't have a website. Despite this a 2015 Lloyds Bank...
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Is your dated website ruining your business?

Posted June 2015

  You're likely to have spent time and money getting your website 'just right', so it's understandable if you're resistant to any changes or a “makeover”. But be warned, a dated website could be...
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Other ways to attract people to your website

Posted May 2015

It's one thing to spend time crafting great content for your website, but getting people to read it is quite another. There is an art to making sure your message gets read out there.   Good...
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Facebook Widget

Posted May 2015
Updating the Facebook widget on your website.

Some advanced warning - If you have a Facebook widget on your website, a "Like us on Facebook" logo, or a variation of it as from June 2015 these will stop working unless you make a change to your...
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06 Jul 2015
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Ever sent an email to the wrong person or seen a mistake after sending? Well now you can un-send with gmail!
24 Jun 2015
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Domain names are just as important as branding for a business. Get in touch to grab yours before someone else does!
23 Jun 2015

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