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We look to provide great solutions by ensuring we fully understand you, your business and where you are trying to get to, ensuring you get the best value for money.

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Our consultancy services are aimed at providing businesses with an indication of how Empresa would be able to assist with their business initiative.

We will arrange for an initial visit from an experienced consultant to discuss your plans and to understand how Empresa will be able to help. Our consultant will then work with you and your business throughout the project to give you feedback and demonstrations during the development phases, and after final implementation, will be there to consult if you have any problems or want any follow up activities to take place.

It is important to note, that even though we offer such a wide spectrum of IT services, we do not restrict our consultancy recommendations from identifying and employing services from other providers where we feel appropriate or where we identify an opportunity from something that could be "off the shelf".

If you would like to discuss your current or future needs with Empresa, then either contact us to discuss in more detail, in confidence, or we can arrange for a consultant to pay you a visit.

If your requirement is for internet solutions, then we will be happy to show you through our existing online portfolio and discuss an appropriate solution according to your specific business requirements.

For those requirements relating to software then we can arrange for you to come in and see some of the work we have done before by demonstrating in our test lab, or if required I am sure any of our existing clients would be more than happy for us to take you on a site visit.

Contact us, without obligation, to discuss how we may be able to work in partnership to solve your business needs.