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Content Management


We have developed our own technology, known as e-snapin which allows us to add dynamic content and interactive features to your web site.



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Campaign Mailings


Broadcast targetted information to your customers or a group of prospects using graphically rich quality e-mail messages.



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Managed Services


Fully managed services to support any hosting and e-mail requirement, with round the clock 24x7x365 monitoring and support capability.

Internet Services

We can deliver a full range of the most popular internet services which commonly include web site design, development, hosting and e-mail marketing. Clients may wish to use any, or all, of the services we provide, and this will depend upon the specific requirements and whether we are the sole provider for the entire project or working in partnership with others, both of which we are very comfortable with.

Our strength is being able to truly understand business objectives and to be able to elect the most appropriate solutions to meet if not exceed them, whether it be by utilising existing in house technology plug-ins or a complete bespoke developed solution.

We offer proven solutions for the common areas of business functionality typically required in a web site such as content management, community features and e-commerce. Our solutions have already been used successfully in many of our projects and can quickly provide feature-rich web sites that offer market-leading functionality.

Tailored Solutions

We provide tailored solutions to meet your needs of today and can be adapted for your needs of tomorrow as your business changes.

  • Brochure web site to promote your business and the services you offer just as you would a paper based brochure.
  • Interactive web site to enable online selling and ordering of your products and services, including customer interaction in terms of surveys, forums and bulletin boards.
  • Content Management System to allow site owners to maintain their own web site content such as news or latest offers.
  • Intranet site for an internal company based solution to cascade news to employees and to be a central source of information.
  • Extranet solution to provide a secure protected web site, accessible to only those with the appropriate authorisation.
  • Bespoke development to meet the demands of any business using the wide range of technologies available to develop virtually any solution.
  • Integration of web services with back office systems, enabling online sales to interface directly with sales order processing systems.

No matter the requirement there will be a solution that can be developed, either as an off the shelf solution or completely bespoke.

Dynamic Solutions

We have developed our own technology, known as e-snapin, which allows us to add dynamic and interactive features to any web site. This enables the site to remain up to date and interesting and puts control of the things that are important completely in the hands of the site owner (you). This is widely referred to as using CMS (or a Content Management System), however we have added more to the technology than just management of content.

  • Manage all of the content on your website and easily update aspects of the site as and when things change or evolve.
  • Have the facility for many potential authors to publish articles on your website and build up a powerful knowledge base of reference information.
  • Advertise your portfolio of products or services through an online catalogue.
  • Sell your products or services through the use of commerce solutions using shopping baskets and online payment integration.
  • Let customers know what is happening through news bulletins and articles.
  • Generate the feeling of a community through blogs, discussion forums, online polls and notice boards.
  • Understand your customers through the use of surveys and get regular feedback on your products and services.
  • Keep in touch with existing and potentially new clients using communication services, such as e-zines via email or interaction through text messages.

Find out more about our e-snapin technology by clicking here.

As well as our own e-snapin technology, which enables us to quickly add dynamic capability to specific areas of a web site, we also offer a complete off the shelf framework for the development of high scale CMS solutions using the award winning Kentico CMS platform. We are a Kentico Gold Partner which means we have recognised experience and skills to deliver high scale CMS driven web solutions using their framework and platform.

e-Snapin Technology Kentico CMS Platform

If you would like to discuss more about the solutions we have available and what is appropriate to your circumstances, then please contact us.

Site Optimisation

Site Optimisation

We can help with site optimisation in terms of search engine promotion, and in particular how to fully exploit the facitilies within Google especially in regards to how people will find your services and products on the web.

If you want to discuss more about what we can do to help you then please contact us.

e-Campaign Mailings

e-Campaign Mailings

Our e-campaign mailing service is for those interested in the benefits of outbound e-marketing, using e-mails and text messages as a way of communicating with a number of existing and potentially new clients.

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e-Mail Services

e-Mail Services

Our hosted e-mail service gives you the power to securely manage e-mail via your desktop or laptop using many of the e-mail software packages available, plus via any web browser on the device of your choice.

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e-Commerce Payment Integration

We offer a range of e-commerce solutions for your website and have experience of integrating with a number of the leading online payment providers.


Community & Social Networking

Our technology can be used to create and manage on-line communities, including blogging, forums and discussion boards, on-line polls and social interaction through chat and messaging services. So, whether you are looking for a complete web solution devoted to social networking, or a plug-in to encourage a sense of being part of community on your web site, then let us tell you about some of our solutions that might be appropriate.

Domains & Hosting

We are registered with the primary domain registration authorities and can provide you with domain registration, renewal and administration services, including the most popular .UK, .COM, .ORG and .NET domains. Due to the scalability of our hosting platform we can provide a full spectrum of hosting services for hosting of web sites developed in the many different technologies available, including the popular HTML, .NET, ASP and PHP. We also provide a sophisticated e-mail facility which means we can provide e-mail via desktop, laptop, mobile phone and over the internet via an internet browser.

Our services are available to all customers, so even if we haven't provided you with the resources to develop your web site then we can still host and manage it for you.

Nominet Domain Registrations Tucows Domain Registrations

To be able to fully support our solutions, we manage our own hosting environment within a leading UK Data Centre. Our servers are securely maintained within an environment which is fully managed and monitored to ensure our web services remain fast, reliable and continually effective. Our hosting environment is monitored 24x7x365 to ensure the highest possible availability of your web site and e-mail services, and all of our servers are connected with a guaranteed network availability which can sustain a 100% uptime.

As part of each solution, we provide our clients with complete personal training in the use of any web solutions we develop, including hands on experience of our web site content management tool.

Once live, we offer on-going support via our helpdesk which can be accessed via telephone, support web site or e-mail.

Our Portfolio

To find out more about the clients that we have worked with, view our existing internet portfolio.

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If you would like to discuss your business needs, without obligation, then please feel free to contact us.